At home with MIRTA

The cashmere essentials for a cozy day in

It’s fall, it’s cold, and… well, it’s 2020 - unfortunately, staying home is the new living la vida loca! But as much as we miss enjoying our beloved cities or traveling around the world, there’s still so much to love about this newly discovered at-home experience. It’s all about a shift in perspective: reimagine your time at home as a little deserved staycation, and you’ll suddenly see how sleeping in your own bed never felt so special.

From working hours to weekend relax, the key elements to go through the week at home with a smile are always the same:

  • Keep it stylish and embrace the loungewear flair (no ‘90s tie dye hoodies allowed!): look no further than our collection of cashmere staples to get into the right mood à la Meg Ryan in Sleepless in Seattle
sleepless in seattle
  • Diversify your activities and approach things (both new and old) with curiosity
  • Take care of your home: your mood is deeply influenced by the space around you

If you don’t know where to start, we’ve got you covered: our At Home collection has everything you might need to get inspired.

cashmere blanket

24h at home

Working from home definitely has its perks (hello time flexibility and comfy clothes!), but it can be hard to keep the motivation steady, as well as to set boundaries between what’s work and what’s not: let your wardrobe to the job.


Slip out of your pajamas and make sure to get dressed, comfortably but properly: you never know when an unexpected Zoom call can pop up. Opt for a pair of comfy pants and a cashmere turtleneck knit, to keep you warm while sitting down all day. Wear some fine jewellery too if you want to go the extra mile. Playing with your outfit will inject some energy into your day and keep you focused for the work ahead.

high neck sweater


Remember to take little breaks throughout the day, even if you’re home alone. Take a 5min stretching, head to the kitchen for a cup of coffee, do your washing: the most important thing is that you give your eyes a break from the laptop. And if you’re in the mood for some pampering, put on a face mask too.



Lunchbreak should still be fully respected. Put your laptop aside and take time to cook and savour your food. If you’re living with someone else, or if you have friends close by, organise short but sweet lunches at home. Wear a chic cashmere co-ord to get into a proper lunch date mood and feel like the chicest host.

lunch table


Make sure not to work overtime and put a clear end to your working day. You’ve been at home all day, but now it’s time to unwind and enjoy the space for yourself. Change into something comfortable, opting for more loose and relaxed shapes, and then do what makes you feel good: read a book, roll out your yoga mat, bake your favorite cake, call a friend, listen to some music, dance around the flat… remember you’re in staycation: anything is allowed!



Time to get really cozy. Curl up on the sofa with a soft and luxurious cashmere blanket: lightweight and breathable, it gives your body the right amount of warmth and comfort, preparing it for a good sleep. Don’t binge watch Netflix until too late though… and goodnight.