Lost in Tuscany

Known as one of the most charming Italian regions, full of history and culture, Tuscany is also the land where the finest luxury artisans find their inspiration. They say that the Tuscan countryside was built as a work of art, so we went on a journey across artisanal Botteghe and got lost in magical places, where we breathed the atmosphere of this masterpiece of nature.

In the countryside of Scandicci, few miles away from Firenze, vineyards are flourishing under the sun of the late summer days. Everywhere, the smell of grape bunches reminds that we are in the land of wine, surrounded by the most renowned wineries.

This is the environment where, since 1954, S.A.P.A.F.’s Bottega is located. These deep colours and intense fragrances strongly influenced the shapes and personality of the timeless bags handmade by these experienced artisans.

One thing is for sure: wearing SAPAF’s handbags, you feel like walking across the light green vineyards of Tuscany. Italian style and elegance can be contagious.

While moving toward Fucecchio to visit another Bottega, we were astonished by how quickly Tuscan landscape changes. Vineyards left room for olive gardens, and a small village with few houses and a solitary bell tower popped up on the sideroad.

Piero Via Palagina’s bags are fully inspired by these landscape: manually handcrafted with intrecciato technique by ladies with decades of experience, they replicate the wicker baskets used in the past for olive harvesting.

After a day of hard work and amazing places, we found some time to enjoy a summer outdoor aperitivo under the porch, with the most beautiful view. The perfect end for a very Italian day.


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