Mirta presents "Postcards from Italy"

Episode 1. Borghetto sul Mincio

Some of our artisans’ creations are traveling the world to get to your door, some others are traveling with us around Italy to unveil the best unseen destinations.

This is only the beginning of our journey. Our new Postcards from Italy series is a tribute to the unique and authentic corners of our country that you might not know about, certainly off-the-beaten track yet utterly Italian, unconventional yet worthy of attention.

And as any Italian road trip requires, we’re taking you on board of an iconic vintage Fiat 500, the perfect companion to travel along country roads and undiscovered havens.

Now it’s time to get settled and leave towards our first destination: the delightful Borghetto sul Mincio.

Tucked away in the Veneto region in Northern Italy, often outshined from the romantic Verona or the favored Lake Garda, Borghetto sul Mincio is a picturesque hamlet of watermills, bridges and narrow streets. A hidden gem loved by locals and visitors alike, where time seems to have stopped and tradition endured.

As the name suggests, Borghetto (Italian word for “fortified small village”) is literally built on the Mincio river - a handful of houses quietly in symbiosis with Nature around.

Its unconventional location and its historical heritage have secured Borghetto a special place amongst the Most Beautiful Italian Villages, as well as a delightful atmosphere to dive into.

As fall rolls in, the entire landscape turns into a fascinating palette of warm tones and picture-perfect spots, making it an ideal destination for an autumnal weekend getaway, or, as we say, for a “scampagnata”, the typical day trip to the countryside.

The best way to explore Borghetto is by getting lost through its medieval centre, walking along the river or blending in with the locals on the main piazza. With only 400 inhabitants, it’s never that difficult to feel at home, spending the day at a new, slower pace of life.

Come noon, the classic scampagnata calls for a portable picnic lunch, packed away in traditional hampers and featuring some of the exquisite products of the Italian culinary tradition. Quality food, the right outdoor setting and some relax time are key elements for the ultimate Italian picnic experience.

As the day goes by and the autumnal air gets crispier, locals like to indulge in wine tasting activities in the nearby wineries or farm estates, pairing their glass of choice with a dish of “tortellini”, Borghetto’s traditional hand-made fresh pasta filled with meat and herbs.

Here, the ring-shaped tortellini are better known as “Love Knots”, from a romantic yet dramatic local myth. Let us tell you the story. It narrates that the Mincio river was once inhabited by beautiful nymphs, able to emerge from the water at night-time only. One day, the nymph Silvia fell in love with Captain Malco, a foreign soldier, and, trying to overcome the obstacles to their impossible love, they both decided to dive into the Mincio river and to live in the abyss forever.

A knotted silk handkerchief was the only thing left behind as a symbol of eternal love, soon becoming an inspiration for the abovementioned delicious pasta.

Before the night kicks in, it’s time for us to head back to our little Fiat 500 and leave Borghetto sul Mincio behind.