Historically known as the fashion capital of the world, with sparkling runways and aperitifs spots for models and designers, Milan is also a city full of culture and history. In a hot summer day, we got the chance to walk across the city, learn more about its most beautiful spots and be amazed by its charm.

Corso Garibaldi is the street that goes from the charming Brera, the historical neighborhood in Milan, to the center of the movida, Corso Como. Here, you can find a melting pot of personalities, from business managers to fashionistas. The street is highly recommended if you want to taste some good Italian food while being close to some of the coolest clubs of the city.

Sometimes amazing things happen and even dreams come true, with handbags flying from the sky. Milan is a city full of culture and history, but in the end it will always remain the fashion capital of the world.

Piazza Duomo is the symbol of Milan. Surely, you have seen many pictures of the cathedral’s front, but if you get there you can’t miss the opportunity to climb to the top and admire the view of the square among its spiers. The geometry of the floor is capturing, designing a labyrinth where it is easy to get lost.

Just a couple of steps from the Duomo, the Galleria is the place where you can find the best café of the city. Motta, Marchesi and Savini are the oldest café in Milan: in their rooms many Italian poets and philosopher drunk liter of espresso while discussing about beauty, art and literature.

At the end of the morning, when lunchtime is approaching, you cannot miss a look to Teatro Fossati. Known as the first theatre in Italy to be lightened with electricity, Teatro Fossati has been one of the main spots of Milan cultural life for more than 150 years, and still today inspires many artists.


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