Known as one of the southest islands of Italy, where Italian and Arab culture mix and create a unique melting pot, Pantelleria is an explosion of colors. The flowers and the fruits, the sea and the dammusi (the typical houses on the island) create an authentic rainbow, where you can breathe the atmosphere of a masterpiece of nature.

The typical Pantesco fruit is the yellow prickly pear, growing on bristly cactus, that creates an intense contrast with the fuchsia bougainvillea flowers. On the island, both fruits and flowers grow on the very black lava stone walls that are surrounding all the island. The mix and match is a pleasure for the eyes and for your soul.

Women in Pantelleria like to wear long tunics, imported from Arabic culture, with Roman style sandals. These allow them to quickly sneak across the thousands of shrubs that grow here and there on the island, always being a model of style and beauty.

As in every island, the dominant color is the intense blue. The sea and the sky, merging together, paint multiple shades that fill the island. Every spot is an authentic door toward the horizon. Pantelleria is perfect to get lost, while walking across wheat fields, just following the sound of the waves.

At the end of the day, when the sunset transforms all the colors in a bright orange, nothing is better than chilling on one of the relaxing hammock hanging in the garden of a dammuso. The whistle of the crickets and the rustling of the wind are the only sounds that welcome the dark of the night.


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