The Romantic Type

How to Nail a Romantic Look in Four Easy Steps

Floaty shapes, delicate ruffles, pastel colors, and maybe a Jane Austen book in the bag there’s something so dreamy and comforting about romantic style, especially when warmer days are ahead.

Descending from Ancient Greece and officially legitimized as a style trend in the 1970s, the romantic look comes back season after season, very much loved for its incredible power of injecting softness and femininity into any outfit. Whether you’re getting dressed for a family lunch, an afternoon with the girls, or just to lounge around the house, the whimsical look is an easy one to pull off. Here’s a simple-to-follow guide on what to consider when creating your free-spirited romantic look.

Romantic Shapes and Cuts

Favor soft and floaty silhouettes, leaving structured and clean cuts aside. A romantic look is always built around easy volumes, which give you a smooth figure and freedom of movement. Let the details make the difference too: puff sleeves, drapes, ruffles, and bell sleeves are all perfect to get that final dreamy effect.

Romantic Fabrics and Textures

When it comes to fabrics, choose natural options such as linen and cotton, or opt for lush textures such as silk. You want textiles to fall softly on your figure, achieving a relaxed feel. Look also for that feminine see-through effect, typical of lace or other knitted styles.

Romantic Color Palette

Pastels and neutral tones make the ultimate romantic palette: from clothing staples to nightwear, bags to shoes, there’s always a pastel-tinted option to go for. Experiment with different hues according to what suits you better, favoring cooler or warmer tones instead. And if in doubt, go all-white.

Romantic Details

Romantic style truly is all about details. Cute embroideries, beautiful flower prints, whimsy bows: choose your favorite and let it speak for your most feminine self.

As the last takeaway, remember to mix romantic pieces with basics and casual essentials, not to overdo. You want to be the cool romantic girl who reads Jane Austen, not one of her fictionary characters.