A typical italian easter

How to Throw the Perfect Italian Easter Party

As we like to say, “Natale con i tuoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi”, meaning “Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want”! Even though Easter (Pasqua in Italian) is still strongly part of our country’s tradition, it is definitely a looser and more relaxed festivity. We gather with friends and family around big outdoor tables or picnic blankets, if the weather allows, and we eat and drink, enjoying the first proper spring get-together occasion.

For a successful Italian Easter party, there are three key ingredients: food (you had doubts?), table setting, and outfit.

The Food

It’s not really Easter without a chocolate egg! And when it comes to excellent Italian chocolate, we have only one name in mind: Venchi.

With 140 years of expertise in chocolate making, Venchi's history dates back to 1878 when Silviano Venchi, a 20-year-old from Turin and a big chocolate lover, bought two bronze cauldrons to experiment with chocolate. His trials were so successful that the Venchi brand soon became recognized for its inventive, delicious, natural, and high-quality chocolate creations.

Today, Venchi is all about bringing the flavor of the Italian Allegria (= joy and happiness) to the world. And their chocolate eggs are perfect to be shared across the Easter table!

To help you indulge in Venchi gourmet Easter eggs even from afar, you can use the code EASTERMIRTA for a special 15% off on the Venchi US website. Your sweet treat will be delivered to your door in sustainable packaging, made of recycled PET min. 70%, mixed cotton or FSC paper.

The Table Setting

Whether you’re going for a formal party or just throwing together a casual setup, we suggest you keep things soft and fresh. Neutral linens, floral embroidery, and pastel-hued details are all great to bring spring to your table.

The Outfit

Easter Sunday pretty much kicks off the spring party season, so you have all the good reasons to wear your best new seasonal pieces, no matter if you’re heading to a fancy gathering or staying in with your closest family. Rely on pastels and uplifting colors, embrace lightweight fabrics such as cotton and linen, have fun with accessories, and be ready to finally show off your fresh pedicure with open shoes.