Wedding Guest outfits ideas

 A Full Guide to Accessorize Your Wedding Guest Looks

The wedding season is in full swing and if you are one of those people that received in the mail a bunch of invitations to join friends’ or relatives’ weddings this year, read on to find out some wedding guest outfit ideas to accessorize your looks.

Wedding Guest Outfits Ideas

We all know that the world divides between those who love weddings and those who hate them. But as a matter of fact, when wedding season approaches we all need to get ready for endless meals, long menus and lots of music and photos. It doesn’t sound bad at all actually!

Apart from being with friends (new and old) and family, dancing and eating, the best part is to think about what to wear. If you are invited to a wedding, think about the location and season as a starting point to build your outfits. Is it your kindergarten friend getting married in the countryside where she grew up? Is it an outdoor wedding or just an informal reception? Options are infinite but we are sure of one thing: accessories make the difference. That’s why we decided to gather a list of accessories that will make your wedding dresses or any other outfit stand out without stealing too many eyes from the newlyweds.

Cute Wedding Accessories: the Essentials

Once the outfit is defined, the first accessories to look out for are a bag and a pair of shoes, which definitely make a twist to your looks. You can either go creative or keep it minimalistic. You pick your favourite.


If you are on the creative side and feel like your outfit needs a pop of fun, Party is the bag for you. It also comes in rose gold, silver, and gold, which are always good choices for a wedding, especially for a winter or fall event as the bag is made with velvet.

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On the other hand, If your outfit is minimal you definitely need some colorful accessories, and a mini bag like Melly or Ama Mini seem to do the job perfectly.


As a second step, when choosing shoes for a wedding, the choice needs to be a compromise between style and comfort (just imagine standing up and wearing uncomfortable shoes for hours!). For summer weddings the choice is easier: is there anything better than jewel sandals? Definitely an easy win between comfort and style. We picked Via Krupp, a classic with Silver Swarovski © crystals, and Monte Solaro as a more colorful option. Check out our artisan Dea Sandals page to find your best pick.

Winter and Fall Wedding Guest Outfits

Winter and fall wedding guest outfits are a bit more difficult to find, but we could not avoid listing here some of our favourite look options for those seasons.

  • Marilisa - a flowing silhouette and luxurious and elegant stitchwork.

  • Consuelo - a refined ruched collar and cuffs, it comes in rust and white.

  • Nadia - not just a simple white blouse.

  • Isadora - a colorful and elegant midi skirt that will turn heads.

Best Men and Maid of Honor Accessories

Being a best man and maid of honor is not only a responsibility: it means being by the side of the bride and spouse on their special day. But big responsibilities come with stunning outfits so read more to find Mirta’s stand-out accessories for her and for him.

If you are the best man that wants to be remembered you have no choice but to wear a hat like Acqua or Semplo (depending on the season of course!), a pair of classic loafers like Zerbo and, only if the weather forecast predicts rain, you can bring with you a Pasotti umbrella like Principe. We bet you won’t go unnoticed!

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If you are a maid of honor in search of unique accessories and a touch of romance, you can’t miss Love Letter, a true piece of art made with gilded copper, that works as a bag and as a secret pocket to stock sweet notes. But romance can also be found elsewhere, in a vintage-styled hat like Charlene (for the nostalgic ones!), or in a silk organza foulard like Margaret.

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